Cold Room Installation

Cold Room Installation

Our team of cold room experts can design and install every aspect of a commercial or industrial cold room. From flooring to hygienic wall panels, plant, and more. We are a Sussex based business providing cold room solutions for food production businesses, breweries, microbreweries, medical and scientific labs, and more.

Cold Room Installers

Cold Room Installation

A cold room is an essential for a huge range of businesses, from pubs and restaurants to retail units, food factories, and breweries. We are able to install general purpose cold rooms or bespoke cold rooms built for specific industries, such as dairy cold rooms, meat, or even modular cold rooms.

We are often called upon to replace existing commercial cold rooms in Surrey, Kent, Sussex and the South East. However, we are also experienced in expanding cold rooms and installing large commercial cold storage units. For this reason, our cold room contractors are equally comfortable providing advice and guidance to businesses for their cold room requirements, as we are working to your specifications.

Octego is also able to provide a full project management service or simply supply you with experienced cold room installers. Our cold room contractors are highly experienced in installing a range of cold room solutions and are able to do so as part of a larger refurbishment project, if required. Regardless of whether your project is large or small, you can be sure that we’ll deliver on time and to budget.

Cold Rooms In Breweries

We have installed cold rooms in breweries across the South East. In beer and larger breweries, cold temperatures must be maintained to allow for proper fermentation. Cold storage also keeps hops fresh and cold rooms also keep beer in the dark. This is important since exposure to UV rays can cause the beer to become skunked. On-site cold storage units for breweries are necessary for preserving the quality of the beer. They also help to save significant costs on off-site storage. Not sure your brewery has space for an on-site cold room? Get in touch and one of our cold room fitters will visit to advise on your options. 

Cold Rooms In Factories and Laboratories


In sterile environments and scientific settings, temperate control is often paramount. In order to maintain conditions, you need a cold storage unit you can rely on. Often cold storage in factories and laboratories needn’t be extensive. What is more important is highly-reliable technology. Working with leading manufacturers, Octego can recommend and fit high-quality cold rooms to provide a refrigerated chamber or insulated space within your factory or laboratory setting.


Cold Rooms In Food Production Settings


Naturally, the food industry is highly reliant on cold rooms. We install and upgrade many walk-in cold rooms in restaurants, food production kitchens, bakeries and all sorts of other commercial settings where food is prepared or stored. Properly maintained temperatures for food is essential for health and safety standards and food productions settings must be able to rely on their cold rooms. Octego has extensive experience working in commercial kitchens. Having carried out complete fit-outs, flooring, groundworks and other construction services within commerical kitchens, we are very aware of the challenges of industrial kitchen refurbishments. 


The UK’s Leading Cold Room Contractors

We install and create bespoke cold rooms using a number of the UK’s top suppliers. We choose suppliers and products based on the nature and requirements of the job from spec to budget. We only use the very best products on the market to create and install high-quality cold rooms, freezers, cold stores and chillers across Kent, Surrey, Sussex and the South East.

Eurocold – Eurocold specialise in high quality insulated doors for cold rooms, chillers, freezers, and more. With over 20 years of experience they are a brand we trust and work with regularly. We use Eurocold for a range of products including hygienic food grade insulated panels, fire panels, and slam shut fridge doors.

Maxmade  – A company with over 45 years of experience in industrial and commercial sectors. We use Maxmade for a range of cold room products including hygienic food grade insulated fridge and freezer doors, personnel doors, and fire-rated doors.

Isowall – Isowall makes insulated panels for temperature-controlled environments and those where hygiene is critical. Panels can be made to almost any size with transportation being the only real limiting factor. Due to the lamination system the panels offer uniform flatness. Isowall products are high value and very cost-effective, the company has ISO 9001 certification too. We use Isowall for hygienic food grade insulated panels and fire-rated panels.

Beplas – Beplas is a leading supplier of hygienic wall and ceiling systems. Whether it’s for a lab, food production, or any other application Beplas are able to supply a high-quality solution. We use Beplas for a number of products including hygienic PVC sheeting, PVC planking systems, trims, and more.

Cold Room Storage Requirements

Generally most fridge products should be kept at 4 degrees centigrade. However, it is important to factor in the door area and how much the temperature can flux if the door is opened regularly. We are able to advise on systems to mitigate temperature fluctuations during use through careful design and other systems.

Flooring – The flooring in your cold room storage area should be level and smooth. Tiles may be used for cold room flooring if the temperatures don’t go below 0 degrees centigrade. For walk-in freezers and blast freezers special flooring is needed. Some lager freezers may also require some form of heated entrance area to stop that freezing over and becoming a slip hazard.

Doors – Hinged or sliding doors are available depending on the size of the cold room and the planned use. Sliding doors are preferable if pallet trucks are likely to be bringing in goods. Freezer doors must have heating elements to stop them from icing up. All doors come with emergency internal handles.

Fittings – We can provide a wide range of bespoke fittings from racking and wall-mounted hooks to shelving units and more.

Roofing/Ceilings – We provide hygienic roofing that is installed to prevent water dripping in the doorway and causing ice. Lighting can be fitted into the ceiling with sealed switches and power supplies built into the wall.

Cold Room Solutions


Chillers and freezers have an enormous range of applications. These spaces can be created to fit most locations and buildings of any size. Stable temperatures mean food, drinks, chemicals or medicines can be kept at scale for as long as required. From a small chiller at a microbrewery to a large scale food factory storage area we have it covered.

Modular Temperature Controlled Cold Room

This type of cold room is common to many types of business from retail to warehouse storage, labs, and a range of other businesses that need to store products or samples in a temperature-controlled environment. We are able to supply and install modular temperature-controlled spaces to fit most locations and building types.

Blast Freezers

Blast freezing is a very effective method of storing food and other things. The blast freezer will pass air around the items and high speed; this freezes them far faster than conventional freezing. The rapidity of the freezing process means smaller ice crystals are formed which in turn means less damage to the product being frozen. Blast freezing is perfect for large scale food storage but can also have applications in labs where ingredients can be damaged by slower freezing. We are able to advise and fit blast freezers for a range of applications.

Cold Room Maintenance

As well as installing cold room solutions we also offer a maintenance service for cold rooms, chillers, and blast freezers. We can repair a wide range of cold room equipment including plant, panels, flooring and more. We are able to replace cold room doors, handles, gaskets, and door frames as well as temperature control curtains, swing doors, and more. Whatever the issue with your cold room our team are on hand to help.

Cold Room Refurbishment

Cold rooms get a lot of use and need to be maintained. At some point, however, well it has been looked after, a cold room will need a refurb instead of a cold room installation. We are able to come in and assess the situation and advise on what is needed to bring your cold room back up to spec. This can involve deep cleaning, repairs to the doors or plant, or replacement of certain aspects including new wall panels and flooring.

Flooring and More

We are more than just cold room builders – Many customers also use us for their commercial flooring needs, warehouse refurbishment, and industrial refurbishment, groundwork, and more.

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