Commercial Toilets

At Octego Ltd we provide a wide range of professional installation services, commercial toilet installation is one of these services. Our expert team has over 40 years experience and we deliver the highest level of standard of all of our projects. If your commercial property needs a new suite of toilets or the existing suite is in need of refurbishment, get in touch with our team for your quote today.

Commercial Toilet Installation

Over the years our team has installed a huge range of commercial and office toilets, across; warehouses, offices, factories and more. Installing commercial toilets presents its own unique set of challenges, this is why it’s crucial to work with a provider that has the right amount of experience and with the passion to deliver the best result with minimal issues. The last thing any commercial property or office wants is a delay in delivering on a facility such as toilet cubicles for their building. We offer a comprehensive quotation process to provide you with a tailored quote for your commercial property toilet installation, if you want to know more get in touch with our team today.

Commercial Toilet Refurbishment

We understand that not all bathrooms need a new installation, if your office cubicles are looking a little sad and out dated, a toilet refurbishment may be in order. When your office or building gets visitors, are you embarrassed by the toilet when they ask to use it? Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t need to be a huge expense and we can give you a fully comprehensive quote and show you where you can save your money. However, if you’re more in the market for a high quality refurbishment, we can assist you with this too. There is a wide array of modern toilet facility upgrades available; contactless flushing, seat warming and so much more. 

To find out more about our commercial toilet installation and refurbishment solutions and how they can benefit your commercial property, as well as our cold room installation service and all our commercial servicescontact us today on 01444 405269 and our friendly team will be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you.