Warehouse Refurbishment

Industrial and Warehouse Refurbishment

Octego Ltd specialises in warehouse refurbishment for industrial and commercial clients across a wide range of sectors. 

From design through to fit-out, Octego are experts in enhancing space, protecting workplace safety and optimising your industrial space to work better for your business.

Years of experience in a wide range of commercial building and maintenance projects has given us the expertise required to become a leading provider of warehouse fit-outs and warehouse refurbishment services.

New Warehouse Fit-Out Service

A few years ago, Octego secured brand new, larger premises. This was not only a sign of our past success but also a big step towards our future growth. Our new warehouse enabled us to expand into the multi-service construction company that we are today. 

You see, we know the way you fit out your industrial building is more than aesthetic. A new commercial space demands purpose-led design that will enhance the fluidity of your business operations as well as provide a motivating environment conducive to what you, and your team, are working to achieve.

Octego can take your empty warehouse and fit it out to your exact specifications. Performing an in-depth consultation we are able to incorporate your unique requirements into the warehouse design. Furthermore, with experienced, hands-on project management, our team is enabled to undertake your warehouse fit-out with minimal disruption to your business.

Industrial Warehouse Refurbishment

Many of us have struggled in workplaces that are not designed as well as they could be. Often we don’t fully realise the limitations of a space until we experience working in a commercial space that does work for us. When we get the opportunity to work on warehouse refurbishment projects, we never tire of our clients’ shock at just how much increased functionality our inspired designs can enable.

When you’ve been involved in industrial building refurbishment as long as we have, you become experts on all those clever ways to increase space, improve process management and aid productivity. Our experience allows us to provide a range of solutions to enhance your warehouse space and handle the needs of your growing business.

Through careful planning, we are often able to fit out your warehouse refurbishment with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business operations.

Warehouse Refurbishment Contractors

Our warehouse refurbishment contractors have experience in roofing, flooringgroundworksdrainagepartitioning and many other building solutions that can play a vital role in bringing large industrial warehouses up to the desired standard. Our team will turn whatever warehouse you have now, into the warehouse you need for your business.

We are able to provide:

  • Warehouse design and layout
  • Civil engineering works including repairs to floor slabs, groundwork, and more
  • Removing. Installing or repairing existing infrastructure including cold rooms, roller shutters, walls, and more
  • Removing or moving existing fixtures and fittings as well as installing new fittings as needed
  • Installation, repair, removal or relocation of partitioning, mezzanines, doors, and more
  • Full project management for all work undertaken

Warehouse Refurbishment Solutions

Whether you’re moving to a larger or smaller premises or require a redesign of your existing building, purpose-led design is where we’ll begin.

Working with you and gathering a full understanding of your requirements and your day-to-day business operations, we will present you with the best options for use of your industrial space. Working to ensure optimum productivity and adhere to the highest safety standards, we will aim to maximise space whilst keeping costs as low as possible.

Here are a few solutions that we could implement as part of your warehouse refurbishment:

Mezzanine floors

If you want to make sure you are utilising all the verticle space in your warehouse mezzanine floors are an ideal solution. They can be perfect for introducing office space, storage, or production areas.


Our partitioning solutions allow you to better organise the spaces within your warehouse. We can help create acoustically insulated office space or turn parts of the warehouse into smaller production or storage areas. We can even help with moveable walls and partitions to give you ultimate flexibility.

Adding Offices

While the core function of your space may be industrial we are able to create a professional office space, or even full office blocks, within your warehouse or factory.

As your business grows and operations are extended, you may find yourself in need of designated office space. A simple but sleek corner office for business managers who need personal office space within the warehouse, perhaps? Or perhaps your business requires a full office block? 

Installing walls or partitions can create an office that feels part of your business whilst being a private professional space away from the activity of the warehouse.

Full office blocks can be built into mezzanines and incorporate kitchens, toilets, meeting spaces and various other facilities. With the ability to acoustically insulate offices, introduce break-out spaces and create a working space away from warehouse operations, office refurbishment can be highly motivating for staff.


If you’re finding yourself in need of a designated space for production, then you might consider a workshop space in your warehouse or factory. We design and build specific workshop spaces to enable you a larger production level workspace. Workshops may be built into a mezzanine or be constructed as an onsite plant. Incorporating work or packing benches, partitions and shelving, we can design a workshop space to meet your unique requirements. 

Storage, Shelving, and Racking


How your warehouse is organised is instrumental in how productive your team are able to be. Aside from this, proper storage and shelving facilities enable a safe working environment.


There are a number of storage solutions we can recommend and we’ll work to design, supply and fit the best solutions for your requirements. From large rack storage and warehouse shelving to small product-specific or equipment storage, we’ll source and implement systems that enhance the flow of your operations. 


Plant, Machinery and Production


Properly planned warehouse and factory spaces increase productivity. Any designs we produce for your warehouse refurbishment will place your production line machinery and any plant in the best possible space to allow for safe, seamless production operations. Storage facilities, office spaces and break-out areas will be creatively designed to fit around, or even above, your key production line area. Our thoughtful purpose-led layout designs can even help to increase your production space and free up further room for machinery or a growing number of employees.


Our Process

A warehouse refurbishment can be a stressful and disruptive experience. Yet, with the right refurbishment contractors and project management team, it is possible to undergo refurbishment with minimal disruption to the business.

In fact, many clients, who initially approach us frustrated at the perceived limitations of their commercial space, quickly become inspired by the innovative yet simple solutions Octego can provide.

From minor changes, to complete transformations, Octego have been enhancing the operations of industrial spaces across Sussex for some years. This experience enables us to design and build to your specific requirements whilst keeping to a formula devised to make the refurbishment process as simple, swift and auspicious as possible. Dare we say, we even make warehouse refurbishment an exciting and motivating experience.

Here’s how we do it:



First and foremost, we get to know you and your business. What you need from the space, how your business might grow in the next few years and what your staff perceive as the advantages and disadvantages of the space they work in. 

With brand new industrial spaces, the possibilities can be overwhelming, and with existing spaces, it can be challenging to reimagine how the layout might be reorganised. 

Our team will help compile your full list of requirements. We’ll then use our vast experience in warehouse refurbishments to devise the most effective solutions for your business needs.


Warehouse Refurbishment Design


Beginning with a blank canvas provides a unique opportunity to best plan a warehouse layout capable of fulfilling your business requirements. With productivity and employee safety at the heart of every design, we have experience in finding creative ways to open up and enhance existing spaces. Making way for sleeker operational activity and even new or extended office spaces of workshops.

Our team will present you with and walk you through our designs, ensuring that you are satisfied with every element. Our aim, in the design part of the process, is for our clients to come away with an inspired vision of what their industrial premises will soon look like, and be able to provide.

Manage and Build


Once the design is approved we will agree on timescales with you and fully brief you on what work will be undertaken and how we can work together to minimise disruption to your business. 

Our experience in project management is key to ensuring a smooth process throughout industrial refurbishment projects. We will oversee all works and refurbishment contractors to ensure your warehouse refurbishment is delivered on time and on budget.


Your project manager will keep you informed about all aspects of the work throughout the process.


Health and Saftey


Naturally, the safety of our team and your staff is paramount. We take health and safety very seriously indeed. We will discuss any specific issues and requirements during the consultation phase. Additionally, we undertake full risk assessments before the commencement of work. For more information on our H&S accreditations and processes please get in touch.


Sign Off and Aftercare


Although we aim to keep you updated throughout the build, there’s nothing quite like walking into your brand new warehouse for the first time. We may be a family-run business, but our professional finish and high standards are what have kept us a leading construction management company in Sussex for so many years. So we particularly enjoy the part of the process when you get to walk through your newly refurbished building.

Your project manager will consult with you, checking if any final changes or additions are required, before you sign off on the refurbishment completion. We’ll be happy then to advise on the moving in process and pleased to hear from you again if any aftercare services are required.


warehouse refurbishment in Sussex Industrial refurbishment project in process

Industrial Refurbishment Services

Octego’s fit-out and refurbishment services are ideal for:

  • Warehouse Refurbishment
  • Factory Refurbishment
  • Industrial Building Refurbishment

Our expertise extends to the retail, food, and catering industries but we are able to tailor our refurbishment solutions to meet the needs of any sector. Our service portfolio includes both construction and management solutions, as well as maintenance and specialist advice and assistance. Everything we do is designed to meet your specific business needs.

Factory Refurbishment and Fit Out Contractors

While we are experts in warehouse refit and refurbishment we also have extensive experience and expertise carrying out full-scale factory refurbishment projects. Many of the aspects are similar with the additional challenge of factoring in large areas for plant and machinery. Our team are able to help optimise your factory space as well as totally refurb and refit. Often our work involves both factory areas and warehousing work in the same contract.

Services You Might Also Require:

To find out more about how Octego can help with your particular warehouse refurbishment requirements, contact us today on 01444 405269.