Warehouse Refurbishment

Industrial and Warehouse Refurbishment

Octego Ltd specialises in warehouse refurbishment for industrial and commercial clients in a wide range of sectors. 

With a specialist fit out and refurb team at our disposal, we ensure that every industrial or warehouse refurbishment is completed to the highest standards and with minimal disruption to your business operations during the process.

Whether you are about to take on a larger warehouse that needs a full fit-out and refurb or you already own/let one or more commercial properties that need repairing, improving, and re-fitting then we can help. We understand that the quality of the fit-out is only part of the process. Creating a workspace and layout that is functional and effective is critical as well. Our highly experienced team will create a space that aids productivity, safety and environmental compliance as well as creating a finish that is second to none. We can take an empty warehouse and fit it out to your exact specifications or we can take your existing building and refurbish and re-fit it to handle the needs of your business. 

Our Skills Include

  • Civil engineering works including repairs to floor slabs, groundwork, and more.
  • Removing. Installing or repairing existing infrastructure like cold rooms, roller shutters, walls, and more. 
  • Removing or moving existing fixtures and fittings as well as installing new fittings as needed.
  • We can repair, install, move or remove partitioning, mezzanines, doors, and more. 
  • Warehouse design and layout

Warehouse Refurbishment Contractors

Our warehouse fit out team have experience in roofing, flooringgroundworksdrainagepartitioning and many other building solutions that can play a vital role in bringing large industrial warehouses up to the desired standard. Whether it’s an interior refit and change of purpose or a total strip and build we can help. Our team will turn whatever warehouse you have now into the warehouse you need for your business. 

Mezzanine floors

If you want to make sure you are utilising all the verticle space in your warehouse mezzanine floors are the ideal solution. They can be perfect for office space, storage, or production areas. 


Our partitioning solutions allow you to separate certain spaces within your warehouse. We can help create acoustically insulated office space or just turn part of the warehouse into smaller production or storage areas. We can even help with moveable walls and partitions to give you ultimate flexibility. 

We can also offer more services as part of our industrial warehouse refurb service. 

Whether you are looking to re-organise or update your commercial space we have the expertise to ensure that the job gets done properly – to your specifications and timescales leaving you able to get on with doing what your business does rather than waiting and working around a refurb project. 

Warehouse Refurbishment, Design, and Build Solutions


Planning a Warehouse

While we can move and change your existing location we often get called in to help with a business moving up to a larger warehouse. It is critical at this early stage to consider the space and the business requirements. Making sure the plan allows for the right flow of products, people, plant, and more makes a huge difference to productivity. The aim is always to maximise space, keep costs as low as possible and make sure your warehouse runs smoothly when completed. 

Adding Offices

While the core function of the space may be industrial you may still need office space as part of the warehouse refurb. We can create specific office spaces to suit your needs. You may need some simple offices built into one corner or a full office block built into a mezzanine including a kitchen, social spaces, and more. We can help design and implement your office space requirements within your warehouse.


As well as office space we can also design and build specific workshop spaces within your warehouse refurb. Whether you need a larger production level workshop built into a mezzanine or a simple repair shop for the onsite plant we can make it happen. 

Storage, Shelving, and Racking

Our experienced team will be on hand to design, supply, and fit any kind of storage needed. From large rack storage and warehouse shelving to small product-specific or equipment storage we will find the right solution for your business. 

Plant, Machinery and Production

Making sure your warehouse runs smoothly and is a productive space is important. We can include your production line machinery and any plant into the initial designs as well as matching these up with storage, office, and other areas. It is critical to plan a warehouse refurbishment properly and our experienced team can help make sure everything is thought of and included. 

Our Process


Initially, it is critical we find out, in detail, what our clients need. Often they may have issues with their existing warehousing and not know what the solution might be. Our team will help isolate your full list of requirements and offer a range of suggestions about potential changes. 

Design, Manage and Build

After the initial consultation, we produce a design of the intended works. Once this is signed off we begin the build and project management. We will look after all the works and contractors to ensure a smooth process throughout. Making sure your warehouse refurbishment is delivered on time and on budget is critical and our team have years of experience doing this. Your project manager will keep you informed about all aspects of the work throughout the process. 

Health and Saftey

Naturally, the safety of our team and your staff is paramount. We take health and safety very seriously indeed. We will discuss any specific issues and requirements during the consultation phase as well as undertaking full risk assessments prior to any work. For more information on our H&S accreditations and processes please get in touch. 

Sign Off and Aftercare

When the work is complete we will consult with the client to get the final sign off and work through any final changes that may be needed. After the work is signed off we can advise on the moving in process and happy to offer any aftercare required. 


Industrial Refurbishment Services

Warehousing solutions are crucial to any business operation, as a well-planned and organised space can improve productivity, efficiency, and general workflow. We know that in order to achieve maximum return, every inch of space counts!

Octego offers fit-out and refurbishment services for commercial premises including warehouses, factories, and industrial buildings. Our expertise extends to the retail, food, and catering industries. The service portfolio includes both construction and management solutions, as well as maintenance and specialist advice and assistance. Everything we do is designed to meet your specific business needs.

Factory Refurbishment and Fit Out Contractors

While we are experts in warehouse refit and refurbishment we also have extensive experience and expertise carrying out full-scale factory refurbishment projects. Many of the aspects are similar with the additional challenge of factoring in large areas for plant and machinery. Our team are able to help optimise your factory space as well as totally refurb and refit. Often our work involves both factory areas and warehousing work in the same contract.

Services You Might Also Require:

  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Steel work
  • Fencing

To find out more about how Octego can help with your particular warehouse refurbishment requirements, contact us today on 01444 405269.warehouseCon