Groundworks Contractors Sussex

Groundworks Contractors Sussex

Octego Ltd has more than 40 years of experience as groundworks contractors in Sussex.  We work on both industrial and commercial premises right across Sussex, providing planning, project management and groundworks solutions for a wide range of different building types and industries. 


Groundworks Services

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced groundworks contractors in East Sussex or West Sussex then call us today on 01444 405 269 or use the contact form on this page. We are based just off the a23 and near Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and very close to Gatwick. We are ideally placed for groundworks services right across Sussex.

Working both with construction companies or on independent projects, we have access to all the plant and machinery needed including grab lorries, excavators and more. 


We are able to prepare the area, dig and install commercial drainage solutions including tanks and pipework. We are also able to plan and builds flood protection dykes, and run off areas. In addition, we can also install sewerage systems, grease traps and much more.  

Foundations and Footings

Both foundation and footing work is integral to any building and the first part of the larger project. Our team have years of experienced digging footings as well as laying the foundations for projects large and small. 

Road and Driveway Building

Our experienced team can clear a site, excavate and build roads, pavements, driveways and car parking areas to your specification. We can create paved areas, block paving, shingle and other surfaces to meet your requirements.


Whether it is foundations and hard standings for buildings or for other uses, we can clear, dig and lay high-quality foundations and concrete areas for a wide range of uses. 

Site Clearance

Often we are called to work on a site that is newly acquired and in need of clearance before work can start. We are able to perform full site clearance so you don’t need to manage this before we can begin groundworks. 

Who We Are

Octego Ltd is a family-run business with extensive experience providing groundworks solutions for the catering industry and food processing sector, as well as on a huge range of other commercial and industrial businesses.

We understand the importance of hygiene and health & safety – our team of professional groundwork contractors draw on a huge wealth of experience to offer high quality design and installation of drainage and foundations. Much of our work comes from recommendations, so we take a great deal of pride in our work and insure your groundworks project is delivered on time and in budget.

From breaking ground, through to excavation, levelling, installing drainage systems, pouring concrete and finishing everything off, we provide full groundworks services. No two projects are the same but trust us when we say – we have seen it all! We can do it all too! We can install drainage solutions, create dykes and flood mitigation systems, and catch pits to concrete floors, foundations and more. 

We understand the value in choosing the right groundworks contractors – they will lay the foundation for the rest of the works to come. Our team of highly trained staff have years of experience in this kind of work, bringing exceptional standards to every project we are involved in. We follow your exact requirements and ensure that work is completed within agreed timescales and to budget.

Groundworks Sussex- Forework and setting out Completed

Your Groundworks Project

Our decades of experience ensures that every project is carried out to the highest standards and within the specified time frame, using the most advanced building, foundations and maintenance techniques. This could include us working as the project manager or groundworks contractors.

Our other services include:

Groundworks Sussex - Day 2 second pour of C30 Concrete

Groundworks Contractors - Completed works - new contractors compound

Groundworks Contractors In Sussex

If you are looking for experienced groundworks contractors in West Sussex or the South East, including Crawley, Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath, or if you would like more information regarding groundworks for the catering industry or other sectors, get in touch with us today. Or call 01444 405269 and our professional team will quickly respond to any enquiry.