Octego Ltd specialise in commercial and industrial fencing for businesses and events across Sussex and the South East. We also provide clients with construction and management solutions for projects of any size. If you have any fencing requirements, get in contact with our friendly team for a tailor-made quote.

Fencing - Isulation of new heavy duty fencing

Fencing Contractors in Sussex and Kent

We have more than 40 years of experience in designing and implementing bespoke fencing solutions for commercial and industrial premises. We have worked with a range of businesses across a wide variety of industries. One of our specialisms is in short-term and temporary safety fencing for construction work and outdoor events.

As a family-run business, we approach every job with a professional attitude and offer exceptional quality service to every client we work with. Whether we are working as project managers or main contractors, we can carry out tasks on time and on budget.

Fencing Solutions

As professional fence contractors, we will take up managerial roles throughout a project to ensure everything runs smoothly and meets the requirements you have specified. We can therefore assist you in choosing appropriate fencing using our vast knowledge and expertise in building and maintenance security.

Fencing - Setting out fencing

We provide essential fencing solutions for both temporary and permanent security requirements, with high quality fencing offering a robust and reliable solution to all kinds of safety and security needs. Our fencing solutions are often required to provide added security during temporary building and maintenance work, as well as for enhanced security at major outdoor events. Our fencing solutions are designed and constructed to be as effective as possible at maintaining safety and security requirements.

Other Services We Offer

If you have any requirements that go beyond fencing, you might be interested to know that we provide a full range of building and maintenance services. Talk to us if you require any of the following:

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