Commercial Screeding Contractors

Octego Ltd are specialist commercial screeding contractors working throughout Sussex and across the South East. We are also one of the few floor screeding companies in London. With more than 40 years of experience, we have developed a fantastic reputation for completing high-quality work on time and on budget. If you are in need of floor screeding services then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today by calling 01444 405269 and speaking to a friendly member of the team who will be happy to talk through all the details with you.

What Is Commerical Screeding?

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Screeding is a process taken to level a floor. Most commercial and industrial floors require screeding before a proper floor can be laid. A mixture of cement and sand is used to give a smooth even floor.

Why Is Screeding Important For Commercial Spaces?

Whether you operate a warehouse, commercial kitchen, retail premises, factory, office or other multi-purpose industrial premises, chances are you’ll need to provide a safe and hygienic workplace. Not only does an even floor make placement of equipment, furniture and machinery simpler, it can also help prevent damp and bacteria build-up by enabling proper drainage. Additionally, uneven floors can result in sitting water causing slip hazards and damage to your flooring. As a result, floor screeding may be necessary for industrial spaces before your chosen flooring is installed.

Commercial Screeding Contractors In London And The South East


Good quality screeds are critical if everything else going on top is going to last and work properly, so it’s important to get this right. We have years of experience carrying out professional screeding works on a huge range of sites, industrial premises and other commercial buildings across Sussex, London and the South East. You can count on us to do a fantastic job.


We are able to work with large contractors as liquid screed specialists or manage a project independently. Whatever the requirement our team can fit in with time scales, other teams or manage the entire process ourselves.


Floor Screeding Services

With 40 years’ experience as resin flooring contractors, we are expert floor screed contractors and ensure a high quality finish every time.


We can offer a wide range of screeding products and services including standard floor screeding as well as thermal insulation, fast drying screed and acoustic insulation screeding. Octego are also able to provide mechanical floor preparation and more. 

We take our supply chain and materials very seriously and work very closely with manufacturers to make sure we only supply the very best materials for any screeding job regardless of size. Our team know what they are talking about and our clients get the benefit of a lot of experience!


Once we have completed your screeding works we also have the ability to deal with any other flooring requirements you may have. Talk to our friendly team about the work you need done.


The Screeding Process


We can apply our very own polymer modified screeds prior to receiving any complete floor finish. Once we’ve done this, we overlay with resins, soft flooring or tiles depending on your preferences within a 40 hour period. In order to provide the screed with more strength and to help prevent any movement, we can also add fibres and steel meshing reinforcements.


Other Commercial Construction Services

Octego Ltd provides a full range of industrial construction management services, so if your needs extend beyond screeds you can get in contact with us for help with any of the following:

To find out more about screeding or to learn about our extensive range of building and maintenance services here at Octego Ltd, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our floor screeding contractors. Call our specialist screed contractors on 01444 405269 to find out more.