Partitioning Sussex

Factory and Industrial Partitioning Sussex

With over 40 years’ experience in the commercial and industrial fit out sector we can offer a wide range of partitioning options for businesses and commercial units across Sussex. Our highly skilled team of industrial partition experts can help design and install glass and solid office partitioning as well as partition design and installation for other types of commercial building. We can also install movable walls, storage walls and a wide range of other office and commercial building solutions. 

Partition Wall Installation Contractors

First class partition wall installation has a big effect on the appearance of an office or other workspace. Whether the aim is to divide up a larger space to create multiple meetings rooms and offices or to create a single office space in a larger building like a warehouse we are able to help. Our team work to a very high standard with a range of different partition wall suppliers and manufacturers to give you the end result you need, on time and on budget. 

Glass Office Partitioning 

Glass partitioning is a very popular options for modern offices. While offering some level of division and good sound proofing a glass partition still allows people to see what’s going on and feel part of a larger working environment. For many managers these days being visible had a positive effect on staff as they can see them working. There is the added advantage of being able to see when people are in meeting rooms too, this avoids the awkward door knocking to check and disturbing the meeting in doing so. Glass partitioning also allows for a lot of creativity, partition manifestations allow company branding, slogans, motivational quotes and art to be added to glass partitions. These are very popular in modern office spaces and can be changed regularly. 

Whatever your requirements be it a re-fit of existing partitioning where is has been damaged or a new layout is needed or a project where you are starting from scratch. We can help choose the right materials, design the layout and erect and install the partitioning to suit your requirements and budget. We work right across Sussex from Lewes to Chichester, Crawley, Horsham, Gatwick, Brighton and more. We also do a lot of work in rural industrial estates and converted farm buildings. So wherever you are in Sussex get in touch, we are local experts with years of experience. 

Solid Partitioning 

In some cases glass isn’t required or desirable. Solid partitioning creates a much more solid and private feel to a workspace. Where privacy is important it is the best choice. Of course, solid doesn’t mean there are no glass options and a combination can be used. Solid partitioning is useful in environments where there could be a risk of glass being damaged. It is also popular where larger spaces are divided and sub-let as smaller offices or commercial units. The solid walls bring a harder division and increased privacy for each business. 

Additional Services

With services designed to suit businesses of all scales and sizes, we offer expert advice on fit-out and refurbishment projects. From general refurbishments to full renovations, we have worked with industries of all sizes in the past to provide a reliable and highly qualified service. In addition to our partition wall services we also provide:

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Octego Ltd provides a wide range of fit-out and refurbishment services tailored to meet the needs of each specific client we work with. From partition wall installation across Sussex and the surrounding areas, to resin flooring solutions and everything in between, Octego Ltd offer expert advice and assistance. Contact us today to find out more about the services we provide to commercial and industrial businesses.

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