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What Industrial Brewery Services do Octego Offer?

As we are often asked what services we provide to certain industries, we’ve decided to go into detail about the different ways we can work with your business to make it the best it can be. Today, we’re going to explore our extensive range of services for the brewing industry. 

Sussex has long been home to some absolutely fantastic breweries. With long-standing establishments like Harvey’s of Lewes, to newer craft breweries such as Dark Star Brewery and Missing Link Brewery all being based in the county. 

Working in Sussex now for over 40 years has meant that we here at Octego have completed many projects at a variety of local breweries, like the work that we carried out at Burning Sky Brewery just a few years ago:

It’s a great pleasure to be able to support these local businesses and help them to produce high-quality craft beers and other beverages.

Brewery Flooring

The aromas and flavours that come with expertly crafted beer are second to none, however, due to beer’s alcoholic nature, normal concrete flooring is not suitable within a brewery. 

Much like commercial kitchens and factories, it’s very important that you install the correct flooring for your business, and there are a wide range of options available. 

Thanks to our many years of experience, we here at Octego can confidently recommend the correct brand and type of flooring for your specific environment, but you can rest assured knowing that all brewery flooring we lay meets these specifications:

  • Resistant to bacteria and moulds
  • Textured Floor Finish 
  • Non-absorbant
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard-wearing
  • Resistant to changes in temperature

Brewery Drainage

Drain unblocking is never an enjoyable task, and a blocked drain in a brewery can quickly become a real hazard. 

Luckily, we here at Octego have extensive knowledge of the installation of high-quality drainage systems, which not only help to keep your floors safer but also improve the quality of your product as it will prevent the buildup of bacteria and mould in your working area. 

Our drainage contractors will work efficiently and professionally to ensure that your business is interrupted as little as possible. 

The use of proper drainage will also increase the lifespan of your flooring, helping to reduce running costs.

Brewery Cold Storage

We know that keeping your product as cold as possible without freezing is the key to prolonging its life and maintaining its great taste. 

We are expert cold room builders, with extensive experience installing freezer rooms and refrigeration systems. 

Through the use of modular coldrooms, incorporating stainless steel and hygienic wall cladding sheets, we can create a fully bespoke cold store solution which is also fully health and safety compliant.


As one of the leading local groundwork companies across Sussex and the South East, we here at Octego have a reputation for carrying out professional work, on time and within budget. 

We are able to work with existing groundworks, and it is also easy to install new slabs with the help of our expert contractors. Enabling us to complete all types of groundworks jobs, from laying new drainage channels to laying the foundations for a new brewery building. 

Warehouse Refurbishment and Mezzanine Flooring

We are also able to fully refurbish your warehouse or storage space, to help you make the most of your existing space. As well as this, if you do need the extra capacity, we can even build and install mezzanine flooring. 

This is a great alternative to constructing a whole new building, as it makes use of the existing vertical area above storage space. Many businesses opt to install a mezzanine floor in order to use it as an office space, and Octego Ltd can customise this to fit your needs.

Octego Ltd

Thanks to our 40 years of experience in the industry, our Octego team are able to work with your business to carry out any industrial construction job, big or small. 

To find out more about our services within the brewing industry, visit the page on our website. 
For more information, or to enquire about a quote for your next project, contact us or give us a call today on 01444 405269.