Our Commercial Refurbishment and Refit Services

At Octego, we started life as a resin flooring contractor, drawing on over forty years of experience in the industry passed down through our family. As the years went on, we were able to expand the services we offer, making use of our breadth of industry connections to bring us to today, where we are able to cater to any commercial refurbishment and refit requirements to the highest standard. 

In today’s blog, we will take a look at some of the industries we work within and the services we can offer.

Commercial brewery tanks.


It’s no secret that the South East of England has countless breweries, even being home to the oldest in the country! 

One of our recent projects was completed at Burning Sky Brewery, where we completed a fit-out, utilising our groundworks contractors to install new drainage systems as well as reinforced screed, with a hygienic floor topping to ensure that the flooring was able to stand up to the rigours of the working environment. 
Our experienced team can carry out any groundworks project, from foundations and footings to roads and driveways.

Commercial fit-out in progress, with rocks and gravel.


Another recent project at Hand Brew Co in Worthing, saw us completing a full fit-out. This included groundworks to replace existing concrete slabs, a complete office rebuild with ceilings, windows and walls, new cold room installation, mezzanine floor installation and even a toilet refurbishment. 

Our expert team really can do it all!

Commercial factory, with lifts and wood.

Warehouse Refurbishment:

We understand the importance of functional commercial space and the way it impacts your business as a whole. Across many industries, having a suitable space that works for your business is crucial. 

Sometimes these spaces can need a new lease of life, and this is where our warehouse refurbishment contractors can help. 

With many years of experience, our expert team are fully qualified to carry out any refurbishment job required, including:

  • Flooring
  • Groundworks
  • Drainage
  • Partitioning
  • Mezzanine Floors

We will work with you to assess your requirements and budget and then tailor a bespoke solution for your commercial space. 

Commercial dairy, with round cheese stacked on shelves.

Dairies/Farm Shops:

One of our most recent projects was carried out at a local dairy in Sussex (read the case study here!)

The main goal of the project was to install a new cold room for the dairy to use as storage. 

Our high-quality cold room solutions utilise our highly experienced cold room installation contractors, who are able to design and install commercial refrigeration and cold storage for your business. 

Another key area we often deal with when working with dairies and other farm-related businesses like farm shops is the issue of standing groundwater. In these environments, when working with animals and different chemical products, standing water can become a hazard if not appropriately drained. This is where water draining is vital. 

Our team of drainage contractors can install surface water drainage systems to keep areas clean and safe, as well as installing rainwater drainage systems and even rainwater capture systems, to enable businesses to reuse natural water. 

Commercial cold room.


As well as regularly installing walk-in cold rooms and refrigeration units at butchers, we also carry out flooring works. 

They can be a very demanding space, requiring specialist floor coverings and safety flooring to ensure hygiene, increase safety, and provide a long-lasting finish. 

Our commercial flooring contractors can source and install the right flooring for your butchery business. Whether it’s slip-resistant, hygienic flooring, slopes, drains, or even upgrading the entire floor – ensuring the best solution for your space. 

Octego Ltd. – Commercial Refurbishment and Refit Services in Sussex

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