Why The Post COVID Return To Work Is Time For An Office Refurbishment

As the country is starting to return to the office, a lot of people are evaluating what their needs are for the office. Office managers are reviewing how it can be both a safe return into communal workspaces but also what those spaces can look like moving forward. With the office still empty (or on reduced staff) it creates the perfect opportunity to upgrade or refurbish the workplace. Whether that is a warehouse refurbishment or a new installation of partition walls. Having your team return to work to a transformed workspace could be the encouraging and engaging change they need to hit the ground running again back in the office.

Benefits Of Refurbishment After COVID

From replacing your commercial flooring space to upgrading the cold room before you’re fully up and running again, you can use this opportunity to maximise your space and create a safe working environment for your team. We all know that COVID has changed how we’re going to work in the future, but that doesn’t have to be a reason to close the office or go back to a tired old building. This is an opportunity to combine the comforts of working from home with the benefits of working in a communal environment, be that a newly partitioned office or a commercial kitchen with a new cold room.

Create your new workspace with an idea of connectivity with the team, not isolation or separation. Have an open plan office instead of cubicles, make use of new space with a mezzanine floor for your team to have a collaborative space to work together. The idea of structure and community is something that many have missed over the past year and employers will need to identify what that means for their team and create a workplace environment that encourages them back into the office. Even if some employees want to stay working from home, it will be vitally important to show your investment in the workplace.

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